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Becrypt mShare

Secure, portable encryption for removable storage

By converting any standard external storage device into a secure portable file store, mShare enables users to access data securely from any location whilst still protecting an organisation, should the device be lost or stolen.

  • FIPS 140-2 accredited
  • VDI compatible allowing access through VMware and Citrix
  • No installation or modification to OS
  • Offline password recovery

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Public Sector

Retail Sector


Providing file/folder encryption, mShare also offers an application that, following authentication, allows access to the files from any Windows PC. This flexibility allows users to work on non-corporate machines, whilst saving data securely. mShare also allows organisations to monitor the data being transferred to and from the device, allowing audit capabilities and compliance, regardless of where the data is being accessed. mShare complements Becrypt’s existing Data Protection portfolio by allowing organisations the flexibility to access data from any location and work collaboratively with 3rd parties, without compromising the security of their data.

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