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User experience and market research

From focus groups to usability studies, Morae helps you gain insight into your user’s experiences by providing you with powerful data. Record and remotely observe user interactions, efficiently analyse results, and instantly share your findings with anyone, anywhere.

Get great insights with Morae

Set up, record, observe, and analyse usability studies, focus groups, field research, and product testing. Watch the study or interaction remotely, take notes, and analyse results to instantly share your insights with others.

Morae, the usability testing and market research software is made up of three separate components: Recorder, Observer and Manager.

Recorder captures audio, video, on-screen activity and keyboard/mouse input during a research session.

Observer enables team members to watch the customer’s experience, make notes and flag tasks in real time.

Manager can view and analyse Morae recordings, automatically calculate metrics, generate graphs and create highlight videos to share with stakeholders.

All data in one place

Morae ties everything together in one tidy package, eliminating hours of wasted effort. All data is captured digitally and indexed to one master timeline for instant retrieval and analysis.

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