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Mobile Device Manager Plus

Empower your workforce with the power of mobility

With employees rapidly embracing smartphones and tablets as their go-to devices, concerns regarding enterprise security are on the rise—especially since mobile devices are more likely to be subject to theft, data loss, and threats from malware. Mobile Device Manager Plus is an enterprise mobility management solution that helps enterprises harness the power of mobility while still providing optimum security.

  • Content management
  • App management
  • Profile management
  • Email management
  • Remote troubleshooting

Features and Benefits

Simplify device enrolment
Enrol devices manually or in bulk, or make users self-enrol their iOS or Android devices with two-factor authentication.

Manage all business critical applications
Install in-house and purchased apps silently, create a custom app catalogue, blacklist and white list apps, and more.

Separate corporate and personal information in each device
Enforce corporate containers on employee-owned devices to separate work and personal apps. Prevent communication between trusted and untrustworthy apps.

Remotely distribute and manage documents
Provide access to documents from trusted apps only, and restrict third-party apps from accessing and backing up distributed content. Distribute content in over 10 different document formats including PDF as well as Excel and Word-related extensions.

Provide secure access to the corporate email
Integrate with email platforms such as Office 365, Exchange Server, Active Directory, and Azure AD. Restrict access only to enterprise approved apps and accounts.

Fortify enterprise security with mobile device management
Easily discover jail broken and rooted devices within the network. Locate devices geographically and wipe their data to ensure data safety.

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