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An ally for every plan, project and process

Employees get bombarded with information everyday and need to filter important details out to organise their day, run their projects, manage their teams and grow the business.

MindManager helps to synthesise the information, boosts productivity, empowers plans & projects, and helps to collaborate & communicate more effectively.

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Visualise the path to success

MindManager allows users to quickly create visualisations that bring structure and clarity to concepts, strategies, plans and projects to empower teamwork and inspire action.

It supports freeform thinking, fluid organisation and holistic understanding. Its robust and reliable feature set, powerful integrations and advanced capabilities have set the standard in visual work management software for over 20 years.


  • NEW MindManager for Microsoft Teams – Co-edit maps, manage team dashboards and keep tasks and projects on track all within Teams.
  • NEW Text Accelerators – Take projects into the fast lane by adding resources and tags to topics.
  • NEW Topic Info Cards – Hide supplemental information to keep the map free from clutter, while retaining quick access to everything.
  • NEW Modern Topic Info Style – Gain greater flexibility over the way information is displayed. With a fresh new design, the new topic info style is more clear, concise and customisable.
  • NEW Object Shapes – New industry-standard shapes to better represent any situation to maximise the impact of diagrams and flowcharts.
  • NEW Powerful Flowchart Extensions – Add a new dimension of readability to complex flowcharts with line jumps, including rounded, bridge and gap jumps.
  • ENHANCED MindManager Go – Users can take their maps on the go with the free MindManager Go app.
  • ENHANCED MindManager Snap – Capture, receive and share content any time, from anywhere, through desktop, Chrome browser or mobile devices.

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