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With the right map, business can go anywhere

MindManager Enterprise gives businesses a one-stop solution to empower team members to work more efficiently on their own, collaborate more effectively, maximise the tools available and achieve their goals faster.

MindManager 2020 for Windows includes new and improved Enterprise-exclusive tools that enable stronger collaboration, smoother project management and seamless interaction with the tools your business depends on.


  • Enhanced Gantt Pro: Manage task information, resource assignments and dependencies as well as add resources to dropdowns, all within the Gantt view.
  • Evolved SharePoint Integration: Choose which SharePoint view to associate with your query and MindManager will visualise the fields in the topic’s properties.
  • Schedule View: Organise to-dos in a clean, easy-to-read and instantly-accessible calendar. Know what’s coming when to plan more effectively.
  • Priority View: Use this uncluttered interface to make the next steps clear. Items tagged with priority items will automatically show up in the view or simply drag and drop unassigned tasks into it.
  • Digital Architect: Expanded background objects and map-making tools reinvents the way MindManager is used. Customise existing templates or create whole new structures – you have free rein on how your map looks.
  • Dashboard Wizard: Use new conditional formatting to trigger dynamic changes in response to fluctuations in the data, making it easy to instantly react to changes in the plan.
  • Intelligent Filtering: This new view brings selected items into focus, while keeping the rest of the map visible in the background.
  • Publisher: Quickly and easily share ideas with colleagues or show proposals and plans to customers. This is the fastest and most convenient way to share MindManager content.
  • And more

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