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MindManager Enterprise

With the right map, business can go anywhere

MindManager Enterprise empowers team members to be more productive on their own, work better with each other, and maximize the tools available to them. It’s the industry-leading software for mind mapping, interactive diagramming, strategic business and project planning, and more.

Work better and faster together – Plan and manage masterfully – Centralise and simplify execution

What’s included in MindManager Enterprise?

  • MindManager Windows desktop software – Simplifies the way teams process and manage critical information. Includes native SharePoint integration.
  • MindManager for Mac – Built natively from the ground up to deliver core MindManager functionality to Mac users.
  • Advanced project planning & task management – Resource chart, resource cost tracking, project reports & more.
  • SharePoint Linker for Desktop – Easily query SharePoint content.
  • MindManager Server App for SharePoint – Enables all team members to open & view MindManager files stored in SharePoint.
  • MindManager for Microsoft Teams – Collaborate in real-time, maintain project dashboards & conduct brainstorming sessions.
  • Content Control – Manage editing access in shared maps.
  • Co-Editing – Enables real-time collaboration with multiple participants in a secure cloud-based session1.
  • Cloud & Mobile Services – Includes single- and multi-user MindManager Snap capture tool and MindManager Go mobile viewer app.

1Co-Editing is a subscription-based product included with MM subscription service and available as an add-on purchase for customers with an active MSA.

Want to buy MindManager Enterprise for an end user?

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