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Uncover hidden possibilities – Unleash productivity – Unite ideas, data and teams

Help your customers go beyond the limits on what they can see, create, communicate and achieve in their work and business with MindManager 2019.

The most robust, customisable information visualisation software available, it empowers them to uncover hidden possibilities, unite information and teams, and unleash productivity to do great work faster than ever.

Support your customers in delivering meaning and impact to presentations and plans, with expanded shape options, simplified design tools and beautiful themes. They can see and show information exactly the way they need to, with new views and enhanced filtering. Drive faster processes and workflows with next-level automation, and so much more.

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Education Sector

Public Sector

Retail Sector

MindManager 2019 helps create the right map for every project, audience and purpose.

New Features in MindManager 2019

  • Theme Designs – Fresh colours, modern fonts and personality-packed designs that set an immediate tone for presentation, and instantly convey messages about brand, style, and content
  • Easy Theme Editor – Clean, easy-to-use menus to fine-tune any map with just a few simple clicks
  • Objects & Smart Shapes – Group topics and process parts within shapes to distinguish areas of importance or build new templates and diagram types that support unique objectives
  • Match Width – Easily eliminate inconsistencies in topic alignment, such as topic width, so the audience focuses on the content of the map and not the structure
  • HTML5 Export & Publishing Filtering – Shared maps can be filtered by icons, tags, resources and direct topic links for easier navigation, understanding and responding
  • Smart Rules – Automatically trigger changes to actual topic data – reducing repetitive tasks and transforming maps from simply representing the processes and workflows, to driving and accelerating them
  • And more

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