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ZeroIMPACT Active Directory consolidation and restructuring

Empowering users to migrate easily and restructure their Active Directory, Migration Manager for Active Directory ensures that migrated and coexistence users retain secure access to critical resources when data is moved across servers.

From pre-migration analysis through setup, object migration, resource updating and post-migration clean-up, Migration Manager offers a straightforward migration route. Whether an organisation is restructuring to meet security standards or undergoing an acquisition or merger, Migration Manager provides the features necessary to meet their changing needs with minimal risk and disruption for users.


  • Ensures ZeroIMPACT on users and help desk
  • Provides users with continued access to workstations, resources and email, regardless of their migration status
  • Updates permissions and resources automatically
  • Synchronises Active Directory objects between source and target, lowering administrative overhead
  • Provides the visibility and reporting to control the entire migration project
  • Mirrors your Active Directory production environment to a test environment to test live impact of migration processes
  • Saves time by not having to reconfigure shares on the target file servers
  • Ensures security by migrating NTFS permission

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