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Metalogix StoragePoint

Eliminate SharePoint Database and SQL BLOB Storage Limitations

Optimise storage with the leading remote blob storage (RBS) solution. Store content where you want to optimise your organisation’s cost and performance needs. Solve content growth challenges by leaving unstructured content on appropriate storage tiers while still managing content from within SharePoint – keeping SharePoint’s performance high as your content grows.

  • Externalise BLOBs to shrink content databases
  • Store where you want: SAN, NAS or in the Cloud
  • Speed uploads and downloads
  • Lightning fast, total backup

Optimised content storage

Monitor and automatically move content to the appropriate storage tier based on frequency of access, age, version and metadata rules.

Unlimited storage potential

Solve performance and management challenges that content growth creates by leaving unstructured content on appropriate storage tiers. Manage content within SharePoint and ensure high performance while enabling unlimited growth of content.

Advanced content database management

Shrink SQL SharePoint content databases by 98% or more and eliminate the need to split content databases to maintain SharePoint performance. Manage file server content from SharePoint without importing or migrating directly into SharePoint—ensuring your content databases are lean, efficient and high performing.

Accelerated upload and download speeds

Break through SharePoint performance limits and double your typical upload and download speeds. Move unstructured content outside SharePoint, where much higher read/write speeds are realised, and efficiently manage SharePoint environments of any size.

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