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Metalogix Replicator

SharePoint sync and replication tool

Metalogix Replicator is the most powerful way to sync multiple SharePoint farms. It replicates content over limited bandwidth and ensures the continuous availability of SharePoint environments. Provide a safety net for your organisation that demands mission-critical reliability by ensuring up time and minimising data loss during power, system or network failures and planned outages.

  • Sync critical operations centres
  • Live bi-directional replication
  • Replicate between any version
  • Replicate to and from the cloud

Team-based synchronisation

Give your users access to up-to-date and in-sync content wherever they are and whenever they need it. Sync content as soon as changes happen or on a regular schedule. Work through firewalls so you can easily extend collaboration to external business partners and customers, without compromising security.

Rule-based synchronisation

Classify and prioritise what content to replicate based on important site collections, list items or metadata such as document type, file size or file name. Ensure the most important content is available and distributed on time.

Intuitive interface

Simplify the management of replication tasks and activities with an intuitive interface.

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