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Metalogix Diagnostic Manager

SharePoint performance monitoring tool

Metalogix Diagnostic Manager monitors your entire SharePoint environment and provides complete insight into your SQL and content databases. Diagnostic Manager treats SharePoint farms as a whole, not separate servers. Monitor the impact that custom applications, content growth and migration activities have on performance and end-user experience. Troubleshoot issues across multiple SharePoint servers, databases and the network.

  • Anticipate and resolve issues
  • One view of SharePoint
  • Monitor SharePoint 24×7
  • Alerts on Office 365 services and content growth

Dashboard view of SharePoint

View the health and performance of your SharePoint environment from a single dashboard, pinpointing under-performing servers and pages regardless of location and numbers. Create custom reports based on issues specific to your environment.

Proactive alerts

Set automated notifications to configure performance thresholds that alert administrators about an issue. Turn on alerts for service interruption notifications. Receive content growth alerts simultaneously for the cloud and on-premises.

24/7 SharePoint monitoring

Monitor SharePoint 24/7 to allow you to address potential issues. Address SharePoint availability issues that disrupt business workflows, including potential issues with SQL, search and content databases.

SQL Server insight

Get SQL Server insight, including configuration options and database fragmentation. See how your databases are allocated across drives and perform capacity planning using data and log file growth trends.

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