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MapR Data Platform

The Industry's Next-Generation Data Platform for AI and Analytics

The MapR Data Platform delivers dataware for AI and analytics. Dataware effectively handles the diversity of data types, data access, and ecosystem tools needed to manage data as an enterprise resource regardless of the underlying infrastructure or location.

With the MapR Data Platform, users can store, manage, process, and analyse all data – including files, tables, and streams from operational, historical, and real-time data sources – with mission-critical reliability to meet production SLAs. MapR offers a core set of data services to ensure exabyte scale and high performance while providing unmatched data protection, disaster recovery, security, and management services. Open APIs and support for containerisation ensure broad distributed application access and seamless application portability. The MapR Data Platform runs on commodity hardware across on-premises, cloud, and edge deployment.

MapR includes a wide variety of analytics and open source tools such as Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Drill, and Apache Hive. With support for POSIX, cutting-edge AI and ML tools like new Python ML libraries can run natively on the same cluster as other analytics and leverage the power of the MapR Data Platform.



  • Common Security and Governance Model
    MapR is secure by default and provides unified platform-level security across all data. Users benefit from built-in auditing, expressive authorisation, and flexible authentication supporting any username/password registry and Kerberos.
  • Resilience at Scale
    The platform ensures critical data is never lost via configurable levels of replication. Automatic failover ensures the cluster is always available so applications can run on a 24×7 basis, helping organisations meet stringent business SLAs.
  • Global Namespace
    Gives a single view of all the data wherever it is. Access datasets on a remote cluster as if they were part of the local cluster.
  • Policy-based Data Tiering
    MapR makes it easy to balance performance, cost, and capacity tradeoffs by storing, managing, and analysing data in different data tiers: hot, warm, and cold.
  • Universal Data Service
    It has a single distributed data service that can serve files, tables, and events. The advantage of this universal data service is that resiliency, availability, recovery, and security are built in, simple to manage, and consistent across real-time, interactive, and batch datasets.
  • Distributed Metadata
    The platform automatically replicates its metadata along with application data, making high availability (HA) part of the core architecture. This also makes it extremely easy to implement HA, which works right out of the box with no requirements for deploying specialised name-nodes on specialised hardware and with minimal configuration to set up and monitor.
  • Service Management and Discovery
    MapR provides a cohesive set of APIs to manage services on the cluster. These capabilities are essential when operating multi-node clusters.

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