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The Next Generation of Load Testing

Reduce load testing time by 50%, replace load emulators with real browsers and get actionable performance testing metrics – all at ninja speed.

Traditional load testing tools create performance test scripts for your websites by recording HTTP/S protocol traffic. This results in scripts that are voluminous, hard to read and require dynamic correlation of session state for simple playback, making the entire load testing effort time consuming and strenuous.

LoadNinja’s technology allows users to abstract the above considerations by using real browsers in the cloud to record and playback tests without any dynamic correlation.


  • Record and Playback Scripts – LoadNinja’s InstaPlay Recorder can create even the most complex test scripts and play them back in minutes without any additional effort and with enhanced artificial intelligence.
  • Load Test with Real Browsers – The TrueLoad technology uses real browsers for load tests, creating the most realistic and accurate representation of load on the infrastructure supporting the web application under test.
  • Analyze Performance Results – VU Inspector and Debugger offers actionable data in the form of browser-based navigation timings that developers and performance testers are used to working with every data and quickly isolate issues in real-time.
  • Data-Drive Load Tests for Full Test Coverage – Create flexible load tests, without having to spend time configuring. Attach a databank to a specific test and it can run, pulling information from the databank either sequentially, randomly or uniquely.
  • Test Internal Apps in Local Network – Get insights into internal application performance efficiently and effectively. Leverage a private proxy to record load tests for internal applications, use a dedicated IP for load tests or whitelist dynamic IPs before running the test.


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