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KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager

Simple, straightforward, cloud-based mobile device management

Quest KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager (MDM) simplifies mobile endpoint management, so businesses are able to protect their organisation’s investment in both Android and iOS mobile devices while simplifying device configuration and deployment. Organisations can effectively manage their bring-your-own-device (BYOD) or corporate-owned mobile device programs all from a single pane of glass while identifying, remotely inventorying, securing, and controlling devices that access the network.

When integrated with the KACE Systems Management Appliance, KACE Cloud MDM helps streamline the transition to unified endpoint management, giving visibility to the inventory of traditional and mobile devices from the same interface.


  • Fast Implementation and easy device enrollment
    Simplified device enrollment for end users with URL registration. Once a device is enrolled, quickly provision the initial profile and it’s ready for cloud-based mobile device management.
  • Powerful Device Control
    Send specific commands to any mobile device that has been registered – and remotely inventory, lock, unlock, erase or factory reset the device or reset its password.
  • Android and iOS support
    Take advantage of platform specific functionality, including iOS Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and iOS Supervised Mode. Deploy and manage iOS profiles wirelessly by importing and delivering Apple Configurator 2 settings, policies and restrictions through KACE Cloud MDM.
  • Personal (BYOD) and company-owned device support
    Logically separate personal and corporate data as part of the BYOD program, and gain granular control of corporate-owned devices.
  • Bulk device configuration
    Configure one or multiple mobile devices at once with applications, account settings, Wi-Fi, VPN, and other criteria. Save pre-configured settings for easy deployment of new devices.
  • Flexible, comprehensive device inventory
    Get an inventory of mobile devices automatically, each day or generate an inventory at any time. The information collected includes device attributes, configured policies, installed appliances, installed certificates, installed profiles and network settings for Wi-Fi and VPN.

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