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Gain IT insights with on-the-fly data investigations

InTrust is an event log management solution that addresses all of these concerns in heterogeneous environments composed of Windows, Unix and Linux servers, databases, business applications and network devices.

InTrust enables users to securely collect, store, search and analyse massive amounts of IT data from numerous data sources, systems and devices in one place. Get real-time insights into user activity for security, compliance and operational visibility.


  • Reduce the complexity of searching, analysing and maintaining critical IT data scattered across information silos
  • Speed security investigations and compliance audits with complete real-time visibility of your privileged users and machine data in one searchable place
  • Troubleshoot widespread issues should an incident occur
  • Save on storage costs and adhere to compliance event log requirements (such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI and FISMA) with a highly compressed, indexed, online, long-term event log repository

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