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Intel oneAPI IoT Toolkit

Accelerate Development of Smart, Connected Devices

Accelerate development of cross-architecture IoT applications for smart, connected devices. Boost performance and power efficiency using the Intel oneAPI Base Toolkit + Intel oneAPI IoT Toolkit. This complete set of tools includes an industry leading C++ compiler, power libraries, and analysis and debug tools for fast, efficient development. Simplify deployment across Intel CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs, and exploit all the cutting-edge hardware features. Connect edge devices seamlessly to cloud services to transfer data, innovate with access to hundreds of sensors.


  • Build – Implement efficient, high-performance code for IoT applications that exploits all the cutting-edge features of powerful Intel architecture (CPU, GPU, FPGA). Optimise threading, memory and persistent memory debugging early in the design cycle.
  • Analyse – Quickly pinpoint code-tuning opportunities with deep, analysis of performance characteristics, including system behavioural analysis, power-related metrics and hardware-specific optimisation.
  • Unite sensors to devices and devices to the cloud with connectivity tools and sensor libraries.
  • Works seamlessly with other Intel domain-specific tools (AI analytics, video processing, deep learning inference, etc.) to accelerate specialised IoT applications and workloads.

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