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Intel oneAPI Base Toolkit

oneAPI: Smart Path to Accelerated Cross-architecture Programming

Accelerate data-centric workloads by developing high-performance applications that scale across a variety of architectures (CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs) using a single programming model. With oneAPI’s open standards-based path to accelerated computing and the Intel oneAPI Base Toolkit, developers get all they need: a cross-architecture language Data Parallel C++ along with C++ and Python, best-in-class compilers, performance libraries, advanced analysers and debugger, and a CUDA code migration tool.

Break away from proprietary single-architecture languages and deliver parallel programming productivity with uncompromised performance for Intel CPUs and accelerators.


  • Use a single programming model and cross-architecture language Data Parallel C++ (DPC++) to develop high-performance, data-centric applications that allow code reuse across hardware targets Intel CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs, and permits custom tuning for individual accelerators.
  • Develop efficiently using the DPC+/C++/C compiler; performance libraries; enhanced profiling, design assistance and debug tools; and accelerated Python.
  • Migrate CUDA code to create new DPC++ code that can be used on multiple architectures using a compatibility tool, then tune as needed for specific implementations.
  • Works seamlessly with Intel add-on domain-specific toolkits and tools to accelerate specialised workloads (HPC, AI analytics, IoT, rendering, DL framework developer, deep learning inference, and more).
  • Develop future-ready code to ease the adoption of future innovative accelerated computing architectures.

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