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Identity Monitor

Combining Automation and Human Intelligence to Lower Risk

SolarWinds Identity Monitor is a SaaS product that notifies the customer when credentials belonging to their organisation have been found in a data leak.

This allows businesses to react quickly to prevent account takeover attempts, e.g. by forcing a password reset on the affected accounts.

  • Monitoring employee email addresses for exposure from data breaches
  • Past breach history with timeline and details
  • Employee private email address monitoring—for high-impact employees or board members
  • IP address monitoring (available from certain licensing tiers)


  • Email Domain Watchlist – Add one or more domains to the watchlist and get notified whenever associated credentials are found in a newly identified data breach.
  • Historic Exposure Check – Access to all identified historic record of credential exposure for monitored domains.
  • Private Email Address Monitoring – Add private email addresses to the watchlist to prevent common phishing attacks, such as an urgent email from a key executive disrupting employee productivity.
  • Comprehensive Breach Database – Security Researchers constantly add and process compromised credentials.
  • IP Address Monitoring – Add an IPv4 Address or IPv4 Network CIDR to the watchlist to be monitored for exposure in botnets and breaches.
  • More Than Credentials – Identity Monitor can display more information about the data breach such as password encryption type, account sign-up time and personally identifiable information. (dependent on the data breach)
  • Domain Verification – Domain ownership is verified by using various methods, so only the intendet organisation can add a domain to the watchlist and access the breach history.

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