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Transform Your Customers’ Experience with Automated Electronic Software & Firmware Updates, In-Product Messaging & Analytics

FlexNet Connect provides application producers (software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers) the most efficient way to provide end-users with the latest software/firmware updates and to obtain valuable insight on their product use. FlexNet Connect manages rule-based software update delivery, displays in-product messages, and automatically reports key information about the installed base.

  • Derive deep customer insights
  • Cut Costs with Automated Software/Firmware Updates
  • Improve Customer Communication with In-Product Messaging

This product is included in these software solutions:

Internet of Things

Automated Software/ Firmware Updates

Producers can easily provide end-users with electronic software and firmware updates based on the product version (or other specific criteria) they are using to ensure they are on the latest version, which minimises support calls and customer downtime.

Increase Renewal Rates with Entitlement-Based Updates

With entitlement-based updates, the user entitlement is authenticated against the back-office prior to presenting updates, which ensures only entitled (paying) customers will receive the software and firmware updates that they are entitled. In addition, when producers integrate FlexNet Connect with FlexNet Operations Cloud (entitlement management) they can generate a time expiring URL to ensure the end user has a secure download of the update. The time period can be set by the producer to give flexibility based on specific product needs.

Pre-Built Client User Interface

Producers can use the pre-built client user interface (UI) for software and firmware updates and in-product messaging to speed time to market. The pre-built UI doesn’t require any code integration and is built with a native (Windows and Apple) look and feel. This allows application producers to focus on their product and not building a UI for software and firmware updates.

In-Application User Interface Development Kit

Producer has full control of the user experience with the in-application development and porting kit. It enables users to embed (device or software) functionality into any real time operating system to check update availability, push software and firmware updates, send marketing messages and control over sending product intelligence data. It includes an API to track download progress and handle recovery (i.e. network dropped, pause/resume).

In-Application Messaging

Producers can send targeted messages directly to their end users while they are using their application or evaluating their software with in-application messaging. The messages can be targeted based on conditions such as installed product versions or machine characteristics. Reporting shows percentage of users who viewed and clicked on specific messages.

Automated Installed Base Analytics

A standard set of pre-built reports provides product teams with the ability to make better product decisions. Data is retrieved from end user devices and captured to show which specific versions and/or features of the product are (aren’t) being used, which operating systems are (aren’t) being used as well as other demographic data. Producers can also define their own custom reports.

Device Viewer Provides Visibility for Remote Diagnostics

Producers can view device specific application log files which includes profile information about operating systems, application versions and event data. Visibility into this relevant information enables support and product teams to have a deeper insight into specific end user devices, which simplifies remote diagnostics.

Cloud and On-Premise Deployment Models

FlexNet Connect is available as a cloud, software-as-a-service (SaaS) or as an on-premises solution.

FlexNet Enterprise Update Management Add-on

Control update distribution to business units (and specific locations) with the end user administrative portal which empowers enterprise administrators to approve or reject updates. It also gives administrators the ability to download approved updates once and distribute to any machine on their network. The portal also gathers instrumentation and product intelligence data from end user machines and provides reports to identify whether machine updates succeeded or failed. Separate module—for use with FlexNet Connect.

FlexNet Instrumentation Management Add-on

Producers can get detailed insight into problem areas by collecting and retrieving anonymous application data including application logs and crash reports from end user machines. This instrumentation data helps producers analyze problems in the running application which results in lower maintenance costs and less downtime. Separate module—for use with FlexNet Connect.

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