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Take Control of Open Source Software Management

FlexNet Code Insight is an end-to-end solution for managing open source and third party code in software development projects. With a growing library of 12.9 million open source components and over 2.5 million automated detection rules as well as integrated request and authorisation workflow – FlexNet Code Insight is comprehensive and increasingly automated.

  • Gain visibility and control of all open source software
  • Benefit from an open source development strategy
  • Minimise exposure to intellectual property and risks

Features include:

Unmatched Top-and Forensic-Level Scanning

FlexNet Code Insight’s special purpose search engine is optimised for analysis of source and binary files. Users get accurate and timely results whether the requirement is for a quick search for top level issues or detailed analysis.

More Accurate Analysis with Automated Detection Rules

FlexNet Code Insight includes rules based on human analysis of the most commonly used open source projects and via automated analysis of repositories. Users can also create their own rules to automate reporting of items that are unique to their projects.

Robust Audit Analysis

  • Detector Code Search: Fast, efficient ad-hoc searching across the scanned codebase – improving the auditor’s ability to detect and manage commercial third-party content, to discover references to files of unknown origin and to identity and remove false positives.
  • Source Code Fingerprints: Sophisticated proprietary source code fingerprint and snippet matching helps users conduct detailed and forensic level analysis. Highlights are available for matches to third-party components from multiple sources, making it easy to identify copy-paste and stolen-from code.
  • Custom Fingerprints: Commercial and proprietary code may be fingerprinted for inclusion in the Compliance Library for ongoing detection and matching.

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