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EventLog Analyzer

Log management, auditing, and IT compliance

EventLog Analyzer is a log management and analysis tool that detects networks threats quickly and easily. Designed to collect and process massive amounts of log data from practically any unencrypted log, this SIEM solution can easily scale to any IT deployment and protect it from all types of internal and external threats.

  • Agent-based or agentless log gathering
  • Collects logs from Windows, VMWare, Cisco, Symantec…you name it
  • Exclusive IT compliance reports
  • 1000s of built-in reports
  • Built-in threat identifiers
  • Network device monitoring
  • File integrity monitoring
  • Removable disk auditing
  • Custom reports and alerts

Features and Benefits

Take advantage of universal log parsing and indexing
Collect, analyse, report on, and archive unencrypted, human-readable logs from practically any machine.

Secure log archival
Automatically archive all event logs and syslogs collected from Windows and UNIX devices, routers, switches, and other syslog devices.

1000+ pre-built audit reports
Meet all your auditing needs with thousands of customisable, pre-built reports, which can be customised, scheduled, and distributed as you require.

Enable real-time alerts and follow-up actions
Configure real-time alerts via email or SMS for critical events or contingencies. Trigger follow-up actions, such as activating a program, when a specific event occurs.

Swiftly search through log data
Effortlessly search through terabytes of log data to locate a security event. Zero in on security events using powerful log searching capabilities, including everything from wildcard to advanced search.

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