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Simplified Microsoft platform security compliance and reporting

Enterprise Reporter is a scalable solution for auditing, analysing and reporting on the configuration of Active Directory, Exchange, Windows file servers and SQL servers across the enterprise. Predefined and customisable reporting tools make it easy to perform compliance and security assessments, pre and post migration analyses and configuration change auditing – enabling successful IT audits, informed strategic planning and proactive management for Windows-based networks.

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Compliance and security visibility

Gain visibility into the configuration of all critical IT assets in Active Directory domains, Exchange servers, SQL servers, Windows file servers and NAS devices. This comprehensive Windows server reporting improves compliance with security best practices, internal policies and external regulations

Real time access assessment

Know who has access to what resources across the enterprise network. Tighten security and ensure successful IT audits by ensuring that access is provided on a need to know basis

Active Directory pre and post migration analyses

Ensure a smooth domain migration or consolidation by inventorying what needs to be migrated and verifying that migrations are completed as planned

Change review

Implement a change review process by capturing the historical configuration of Active Directory, Exchange, Windows file servers and SQL servers, and viewing detailed change history reports.

Scalable data collection

Scale to environments of any size and geographic distribution. Schedule collections during off-peak hours to minimise the impact of data collection on network and server performance, and leverage a distributed collection architecture for load balancing.

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