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DataSecurity Plus

Take charge of your sensitive data with DataSecurity Plus

DataSecurity Plus is a change monitoring and notification tool for Windows file servers. With the help of lightweight agents, it monitors the files and shares on target systems in real time. It provides real-time reports, alerts about user actions on files, and in-depth analysis of file access attempts. DataSecurity Plus offers truly continuous monitoring for Windows file ecosystems.

Features and Benefits

Complete Insight into Every Change
Every change made or action performed on a file is reported along with details including who did it, when, and from which IP address.

In-depth File Access Analysis
With its ability to examine file access patterns, this tool easily exposes rogue accesses by malware or insiders.

Configurable, Real-time Change Notifications
Configure the tool to get real-time alerts about changes you deem adverse, e.g., file permission changes or unauthorised access attempts.

Automatic Follow-ups for Alerts
You can configure the tool to automatically execute a command orcustom script when an alert is triggered.

Ransomware Detection
Threshold based file access alerts and file access patterns expose ransomware and other malware before they could do serious damage.

Real, Continuous File Integrity Monitoring
Learn about any untoward changes to the system state the moment those changes happen and before they could do any damage.

Storage Analysis Reports
Get insights about how the disk space is utilised.

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