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Becrypt Connect Protect

Simple and efficient access control options for end point connectivity to removable devices and media

Connect Protect is Becrypt’s end point control solution that protects organisations against data leakage. By preventing unauthorised access or use of external devices and providing centrally managed audit trails for all connection events, Connect Protect enables full control.

  • Challenge responses
  • Supports whitelisting
  • Integrates with Active Directory groups
  • Central auditing and reporting

This product is included in these software solutions:

Financial Sector


Public Sector

Retail Sector


Connect Protect uses filter drivers to allow/deny access to devices. Depending on policy, any external device may be connected, but not accessible, unless the machine or user has permission to do so. Connect Protect also allows the signing of removable media, allowing an administrator to sign any removable media device and prevent access to media that has not been signed. The product can also make use of Active Directory group polices, allowing simple and familiar management of the product and the policies across organisations. All user and machine events can be logged (even if the device has not been blocked) allowing an administrator to closely monitor the external devices that are being connected to machines on the network.

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