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Becrypt Enterprise Manager

A security management suite that enables organisations to manage their estate

The Becrypt Enterprise Manager (BEM) is a centralised management solution that gives you full visibility and control of user activity. BEM enables you to easily create and apply policies, carry out fast risk assessments in the event of a lost or stolen device, easily address problems such as forgotten passwords, and aids in the set up and quick deployment of Becrypt software to your IT estate.

This product is included in these software solutions:

Financial Sector


Public Sector

Retail Sector


User Management

BEM’s user management permits administrators to remove and control different levels of user access to devices and data. A password policy manager is integrated within user management to govern password complexity, expiration cycles and forgotten passwords, which can be reset remotely.

Key Management

BEM works with standard third party deployment tools as well as different domains to ensure that the roll out of encryption is faster and subsequent management overheads are minimised.

Audit and Reporting

Every user event is logged and reported in the BEM database, such events include; unsuccessful logon, successful logon, plugged in media and access to data. All user actions are reported and can be audited quickly, giving the organisation the ability to demonstrate compliance with minimal fuss.

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