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Backup & Disaster Recovery Suite

Flexible data protection to match your customers business

Quest Backup & Disaster Recovery Suite offers full access to three of the most powerful data protection software solutions by Quest – Rapid Recovery, NetVault Backup and vRanger. Users will not overpay for a one-size-fits-all backup solution with features they don’t use, but instead can purchase only the components they need.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Suite gives users the flexibility to protect data from disaster across physical, virtual and cloud environments.


Versatile access
Complete access to Rapid Recovery, NetVault Backup and vRanger, but only use what you need.

Flexibility based on priorities
Classify data and applications by criticality, RPO/RTO parameters or duration of storage and use the application in the suite that fits best with the criteria.

Scalable disaster protection
Protect thousands of VMs from disasters via agentless technology, active block mapping, compression and deduplication.

High availability assurance
Rely on capabilities such as 288 snapshots per day, Virtual Standby and Live Recovery.

Fast disaster recovery
Ensure that critical workloads are restored in minutes, not hours.

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