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Advanced antivirus protection, from the world’s largest threat detection network

The power of 400 million endpoints combined with unique detection algorithms and a comprehensive feature set allows Avast Business Antivirus to detect and block threats faster and more reliably than any other software.

Avast Business Antivirus is a full featured endpoint protection solution that combines four real-time shields – File Shield, Web Shield, Email Shield, and Behavioural Shield to offer comprehensive protection against today’s threats.

  • Machine learning protection
  • Behaviour Shield
  • Clean and safe Inbox
  • SmartScan

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Today’s threats are ever-changing. Your protection needs to be both broad in coverage and deep in capability. Only Avast has the advantage of the world’s largest threat detection network powered by 400 million endpoints.

Antivirus – Avast antivirus combines four real time shields; File Shield, Web Shield, Email Shield and Behavioral Shield to offer comprehensive protection against today’s threats.

Firewall – Better outbound protection and configurability compared to Windows Firewall. It silently monitors all traffic using crowd sourced data from our 400 million global users to keep you safe.

Anti-spam – Phishing and other threats rely on email as the primary attack method. Anti-spam keeps all the spam and suspicious emails out of your inbox. You can even adjust how tightly Anti-spam controls the flow of emails to your inbox.

SmartScan – Combines scans for viruses, software updates, network problems, new features and performance issues into a single click.

Sandbox – When you’re not sure about a given file or application, run it safely in a virtual space isolated from the rest of your PC.

Wifi Inspector – Scans networks for vulnerable devices and compromising services then allows you to address any security issues reported by providing step-by-step remediation instructions.

Real Site – Real Site stops malware in its tracks by encrypting the traffic between an Avast-protected device and their DNS server.

Rescue Disc – Helps you create a bootable version of your Avast installation.

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