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Archive Manager

Preserve, control and discover email and messaging content

Quest Archive Manager captures, retains, preserves and searches for emails and Skype messages. It captures a single instance of each email message, applies granular retention and disposition policies and provides advanced search, ensuring efficient Exchange email archiving.

Why use Archive Manager?

Meet retention and compliance mandates
Quickly produce evidence for audits, investigations and litigation. It only keep relevant emails and messages for the right amount of time

Reduce storage requirements and costs
It stores more content in less space. Based on policies it performs actions transparently, which can include message age, size, read/unread status and more.

Facilitate email accessibility
Provides fast access to email from anywhere, including offline. Access is provided without installing additional client software.

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Healthcare Sector


Key Features

Fast deployment
Deploys in just a few days and there is no need to install software on users’ desktops or on email servers.

Automated indexing
Captures and indexes new and historical messaging data to end users

Single-instance attachments
Keeps only a single instance of each attachment by separating it from the message body, which leads to dramatically reduced long-term storage needs.

Flexible retention rules
Keeps only the messaging data you need using flexible retention rules.

Fast and easy searching
Retrieve messaging data quickly as well as tagging data for categorisation or later review.

Anywhere access
Access archived data seamlessly, even offline or from a mobile device

Business-systems integration
Integrates with external systems using API to share data with CRM systems and collaboration tools

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