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Titus Webinar: Data Protection in a Corporate Environment

11 June, 2020

Titus Webinar News Story

The challenges of data protection can feel daunting. There’s data that lacks context, the worry of accidental breaches and friction impacting on productivity as end-users try to protect data assets. Meanwhile, organisations want to embrace the benefits of the cloud, mitigate the risks and manage the interoperability of an ever-expanding security stack wherever the users are working.

Titus has experience in implementing data protection solutions for some of the world’s most famous brands. Watch the recording of this webinar to hear from CJ Adilih, Regional Sales Manager at Titus, who explains how Titus can help keep your customers’ data safe and your customers compliant with the ever-increasing number of IT security mandates.

About the Speaker:

CJ Adilih CJ Adilih works as Regional Sales Manager for Titus, managing the Government and Public. He is passionate about helping his customers protect their valuable data and meeting the increasingly demanding IT security mandates in the region. CJ builds upon his cross sector commercial experience across Europe and the Middle East and his education in Business Management.
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