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The first release of the Sigma self-service Reseller Gateway is now live

19 March, 2019

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Resellers can now deliver a better experience by responding to customers faster thanks to the first release of the Sigma Reseller Gateway where they can get quotes in seconds.

Jane Silk, Managing Director at Sigma Software Distribution, commented: “We know how important accuracy and efficiency are to our reseller partners so we’re excited to release the first version of our Gateway – it makes it even easier to get quotes for the solutions we offer. We look forward to more people registering and providing feedback so we can develop the service around their needs.”

Built with simplicity in mind, registered users can generate formal quotes with just a few clicks and understand their margin as all quotes show the reseller’s buy price alongside RRP. If an end user changes their requirements requoting takes a few moments. For Managers, it offers a single view that shows their team’s complete pipeline and active quotes.

Emma Alder, Operations Support Manager at Bytes Software Services says: “Bytes have found the Sigma Reseller Gateway extremely easy to use. The navigation is very clear and can easily be picked up with minimal training. The portal provides pricing across all Sigma vendors we require and means we can obtain quotes quickly and efficiently. We’ll continue to work hand in hand with our account manager on more complex deals.”

Using the Reseller Gateway
The most accurate and efficient way to get a formal quote is to search using the manufacturer’s part code – the product you’re looking for, along with your price and the RRP is returned in seconds.

To register for Sigma’s Reseller Gateway, resellers should visit gateway.sigmasd.com

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