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Team Sigma is celebrating the launch of SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) 12 today!

16 June, 2016


Inspired by the American Football branding on the awesome merchandise from SolarWinds EMEA Marketing team, we summoned the spirit fingers and got our pom-poms out.

The office needed a ruddy good vacuum after the SolarWinds BDM Jordan went all Bugsy Malone with the silly string…

On a serious note, this new product launch is one of the most exciting things to happen with Network Performance Monitoring in a long time. The addition of Netpath is a touch-down for Solarwinds, allowing complete visibility into all critical networks. NPM is SolarWinds’ flagship product so if you’ve not heard of it, we seriously recommend you check out this product page- there’s a quick video that sums it up nicely.

Right On!

NPM is #1

Not seen the video yet? Check it out here

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