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Simply the Quest

1 November, 2016

At Sigma HQ we’re holding our breath today. It’s an exciting time for one of our biggest vendors and we’ve got everything crossed that it runs smoothly. If you haven’t heard, Dell Software is no more and the industry treasure Quest Software is back, but this time like a resurgent rock star-you only need the first name. Enter ‘Quest’.

So far we’ve been very pleased with the streamlined handover that’s been clear, cohesive and with minimal disruption. In Sigma its business as usual, with our products and pricing all neatly switched over and ready for orders.

As Quest’s leading distributor in the UK, the move is significant to us. We’ve had a strong partnership for nearly a decade and we’ve transitioned with them from Quest Software, to Dell Software and now to Quest.

The direction for Quest is to be a software focussed company again and from working with the Quest Software of old, continuing with their customer centric model with approachable, affable staff can only mean good things for the UK Channel.

It’s easy to get hung up on losing a name like Dell- it’s a household brand and that made it easier to open a conversation, but actually, our experience was that it confused as much as it helped, with many assuming Dell hardware and software are the same people, or worse still ‘Oh, do Dell do software?’. Quest was an extremely credible name among its customers already and luckily over the years, the company has developed its individual product brands like Toad, Spotlight and Migration Manager, so they carry their own recognition. Quest’s growth has been organic rather than by acquisition, so the products haven’t just been milked into oblivion and shelved- they’ve been nurtured and road mapped leaving a strong legacy to carry the business forward.

Quest’s slogan is ‘Join the Innovation’ but to us, Quest represents a journey, with challenges that ultimately reaches a rewarding goal. This pretty much sums up doing business in the channel, so the name is apt to say the least! As their leading partner in the UK, we’re up for this challenge and we hope the rest of the UK Channel will join us in embracing the Quest and getting back to business.

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