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Reduce the risk of cyber attacks by patching vulnerabilities

16 June, 2020

Flexera Vulnerability Report 2020

Cyber and phishing attacks have seen an increase of 37% from February 2020 to March 2020 alone (source: Infosecurity Magazine). While businesses were focusing on giving their employees access to their systems from home, the cybersecurity of the company was a second thought. This enabled hackers to take advantage of the situation in multiple ways, including impersonating health officials/businesses to get to people’s data.

With the statistics showing a rise in cyber-attacks, it is more important than ever that businesses patch vulnerabilities in the applications they’re using, before hackers exploit them.

Flexera’s Vulnerability Review presents global data on vulnerabilities, exploits, availability of patches and maps the security threats to IT infrastructures.

This can provide a good guide for your customers on where to start with patching and gives them a better understanding of the vulnerability landscape, allowing them to devise strategies to secure their data.

Download the report today.

For any further questions or enquiries on how Flexera can support your customers, get in touch with our dedicated Flexera specialist Chloe Dodd.

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