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10 August, 2020

Sigma launches Quest AD Hero Campaign

We’re excited to launch our latest campaign for Quest – The Quest AD Heroes. This campaign showcases how Quest solutions can help your customers with their AD management on-premises and in the cloud.

This campaign includes a comic that showcases situations in which the AD Heroes can help. This will allow you to quickly identify opportunities for these solutions.

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Moving to the Cloud with Quest

Do you have customers moving their infrastructure or database to the cloud? Are they unsure of what to expect and how to make sure the migration goes smoothly?

Quest offers solutions that support your customers on their move to, and management of, the cloud to take some of that stress away. They can help with the preparation of business data before the move, planning of the move, the migration itself and making sure everything works perfectly in the new environment.

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Quest Webinar: On-Demand: Office 365 Groups Sprawl and Licenses Cost visibility

For IT teams, increases in remote working mean an increase in license and group management for Office 365 and Azure AD. In this On-Demand webcast, Quest showcases how their On Demand License Management and On Demand Group Management can simplify the process of hybrid group management and how businesses can save money by utilising the licenses they already have available.

See the full recording here.

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Download our Space Station Manual to Discover Out of This World Information Management Solutions

The Space Station Manual dives into the vast range of Information Management products that quest has to offer. Toad, Spotlight, Foglight and Shareplex are all represented by aliens from planets far away, working together on the space station, The SSD.

The manual outlines the features and capabilities of each of the solutions and how they work together to keep any database environment secure and performing at its best.

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A Masterclass with Quest: Mastering Database DevOps

Quest have launched a five-part masterclass for those wanting to master database DevOps. The series is available on their website and covers the four main touchpoints of managing, monitoring, and enhancing the database environment.

Session 1: Market Dynamics
Session 2: Database Development and Continuous Integration
Session 3: Monitoring the DevOps Pipeline
Session 4: Efficient Data Movement
Session 5: Recap and Conclusion

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Adapting to the New Remote Working Reality with Quest

With the rapid spread of COVID-19 and most countries on lockdown, organisations of all sizes have been forced into remote working. Providing thousands of employees with remote working capabilities and enabling IT teams to support them is a challenge for every company, no matter the size.

Quest have class-leading products that enable IT teams to manage remote workers’ devices, run back-ups, install software, and monitor the infrastructure. All without compromising security.

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