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Preparing for GDPR – Getting rid of end of life software

2 November, 2017

It was recently revealed that over 1,500 PCs at England’s second biggest police force, Greater Manchester Police are still running Windows XP despite Microsoft ending all support for the operating system in 2014.

Continuing to use Windows XP as well as other end of life software poses a huge risk to data privacy and when GDPR comes into play, the cost of non-compliance will be far greater than ever before.

Flexera’s AdminStudio is used by tens of thousands of companies to proactively manage a changing landscape. Through automating essential business processes, you can plan application migration strategies and smoothly retire end of life software.

Handle your application migration strategy with an automated Application Readiness process that assesses compatibility, resolves conflicts and reliably packages and delivers IT certified compatible applications to new platforms.

If you think that you may have customers still running end of life software, contact Sigma’s Flexera Business Development Manager Chris Beagle or speak to your Sigma Account Manager on +44 (0) 1364 655 200.

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