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18 August, 2020


Check out the latest e-book from ManageEngine: Accounts, privileges, and misconfigurations

IT admins work with different types of accounts as part of their daily routine. Each of these accounts has specific functions and permissions to carry out administrative or system-related tasks; but over time, certain management mistakes or configuration errors can leave these accounts, and therefore the organisation, susceptible to breaches. This e-book will cover various forms of attacks, common oversights and tips for safeguarding accounts at risk.

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Upcoming Live Webinars

Don’t miss out on these great webinars throughout July and August! Whether you’re looking to improve your knowledge of ManageEngine’s products or gain critical industry insights from leading experts, sign up to these webinars today.

18th August – Top five identity management hacks for a modern IAM system

19th August – Tips and tricks for deploying a SIEM solution

25th August – Secure endpoints with two-factor authentication (2FA)

26th August – Identifying security misconfigurations that can lead to breaches

8th September – Data security under the CCPA – A master class for IT administrators

15th September – Implementing a least privileged design for hybrid Active Directory security

16th September – 10 security tips for managing and monitoring your Windows infrastructure

22nd September – End-user password self-service with ADSelfService Plus

29th September – Active Directory under attack: From zero access to domain admin in 40 minutes

ManageEngine named as one of the best SAM tools of 2020

TechRadar has released a list of the best software asset management tools to reduce licensing costs of 2020. Software asset management (SAM) solutions allow businesses to manage costs, by identifying the software licences they own. ManageEngine’s AssetExplorer is number one the list of TechRadar’s best SAM tools of 2020.

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ManageEngine launch Desktop Central Cloud

ManageEngine’s holistic unified endpoint management (UEM) solution, Desktop Central, is now available in the cloud. With the Desktop Central cloud model, your customers can manage and secure all the network endpoints in a simplified process. To find out more about offering this great opportunity to your customers, get in touch with our ManageEngine Specialist, David McAdam.

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ManageEngine’s Remote Working Essentials for IT Teams

Are your customers thinking of staggering their employees return to the office? Or are they choosing to maintain remote working for longer? No matter what the circumstances, ManageEngine have the essentials to monitor, manage and secure the remote and on premise workforce.

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Leading by innovation: AI, IT, and the new normal [webinar]

Are they currently burning the midnight oil to hold your IT infrastructure together? Perhaps it’s time to rethink your strategies for the future, when the dependence on IT will only increase.

Join this webinar on the 22nd July at 11:00am BST and learn how to leverage artificial intelligence (AI)-powered tools to simplify workflow across IT verticals to boost efficiency in the new normal.

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Discover industry-leading products with these on-demand webinars


ManageEngine Launch New Weekly IT Security Podcast Series

This weekly podcast will tackle a wide range of topics relating to IT Security where their experts will advise listeners on the best ways to beef up security posture, the importance of adhering to compliance regulations, and much more.

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Discover New Features and Updates of AD360

If you missed the webinar in April, it’s not too late to learn more about the benefits of the newest version of AD360. AD360 is a unified solution for identity and access management (IAM) needs of organisations running on Windows-based infrastructure.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to have the information on paper, contact our ManageEngine specialist, David McAdam at davidm@sigmasd.com and he can provide you with detailed product and cross-selling cheat sheets to help you better target your customers.

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