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21 October, 2020


Videos: IT Security Under Attack!

Times have changed; the complexities and the level of technical expertise involved in carrying out a full-scale cyberattack has narrowed drastically. Learn about the popular techniques employed by threat actors to intrude on organisation networks, watch live simulations, and build a comprehensive defence strategy with ManageEngine.

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Join ManageEnginge’s Shield Virtual Online Seminar – January 21st 2021

Shield Virtual is a cybersecurity and IAM Online Seminar to help you and your customers discover the best practices of Active Directory management from speakers with impeccable credentials. Presentations include:

  • Managing AD and Office365 the hybrid way
  • Modern MFA to protect your customers system, applications and data
  • 6 Active Directory security events that have hit the mainstream in 2020
  • Components of an effective SOC: Collection, ingestion, detection and response

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Upcoming Live Webinars

Don’t miss out on these great webinars throughout January and February! Whether you’re looking to improve your knowledge of ManageEngine’s products or gain critical industry insights from leading experts, sign up to these webinars today.

19th January @ 10am (GMT) – Improved password security in the times of remote working
20th January @ 10am (GMT) – Applying MITRE ATT&CK framework for threat detection and response
27th January @ 10am (GMT) – Active Directory security fundamentals 
2nd February @ 10am (GMT) – Top five identity management hacks for a modern IAM system
9th February @ 10am (GMT) – Identifying security misconfigurations that can lead to breaches
10th February@ 10am (GMT) – Remote work made easy for end-users with ADSelfService Plus
16th February @ 10am (GMT) – Implementing a least privilege model for hybrid Active Directory security
25th February @ 10am (GMT) – How to build a next-gen SOC

Offer your NHS customers third-party management and protection software for the new implementation of Microsoft 365

The NHS has partnered with Microsoft for discounted products and services from the Microsoft 365 family. This has created an opportunity to offer third-party security and management software such as O365 Manager Plus and M365 Security Plus from ManageEngine.

To find out more about how ManageEngine can support your NHS trust customers, talk to our Business Development Manager, David McAdam today.

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Check out the latest e-book from ManageEngine: Accounts, privileges, and misconfigurations

IT admins work with different types of accounts as part of their daily routine. Each of these accounts has specific functions and permissions to carry out administrative or system-related tasks; but over time, certain management mistakes or configuration errors can leave these accounts, and therefore the organisation, susceptible to breaches. This e-book will cover various forms of attacks, common oversights and tips for safeguarding accounts at risk.

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ManageEngine named as one of the best SAM tools of 2020

TechRadar has released a list of the best software asset management tools to reduce licensing costs of 2020. Software asset management (SAM) solutions allow businesses to manage costs, by identifying the software licences they own. ManageEngine’s AssetExplorer is number one the list of TechRadar’s best SAM tools of 2020.

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ManageEngine launch Desktop Central Cloud

ManageEngine’s holistic unified endpoint management (UEM) solution, Desktop Central, is now available in the cloud. With the Desktop Central cloud model, your customers can manage and secure all the network endpoints in a simplified process. To find out more about offering this great opportunity to your customers, get in touch with our ManageEngine Specialist, David McAdam.

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ManageEngine’s Remote Working Essentials for IT Teams

Are your customers thinking of staggering their employees return to the office? Or are they choosing to maintain remote working for longer? No matter what the circumstances, ManageEngine have the essentials to monitor, manage and secure the remote and on premise workforce.

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