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Flexera Vulnerability Review 2020 is available now

13 March, 2020

Flexera Vulnerability Report 2020

Key figures and facts on vulnerabilities from a global information security perspective

Did you know that 80% of vulnerabilities have patches available on the day of disclosure?

Flexera have released this year’s Vulnerability Review. It analyses the evolution of software security from a vulnerability perspective presenting global data on vulnerabilities and the availability of patches.

It includes:

  • Data from Secunia Research at Flexera, who monitor more than 62,000 applications and operating systems, while testing and verifying the vulnerabilities reported in them. They, for example, found that Zero-day vulnerabilities, vulnerabilities exploited prior to public disclosure, are rare with 20 out of 13,319.
  • Global trends and insights that enable businesses to understand the vulnerability landscape and devise strategies to secure what matters most, e.g. while the number of vulnerable products has decreased, the number of vendors behind those vulnerable products has increased slightly.

Download the report today.

To find out how Flexera can help your customers with their vulnerability management and patching, get in touch with our Flexera Specialist Chloe Dodd.

Chloed@sigmasd.com | +44 (0) 1364 655 204

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