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Crown Commercial Services Updates Cyber Security Services Framework

14 February, 2020

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The Crown Commercial Services (CCS) have updated the Cyber Security Services Framework, opening it to a far wider range of companies and giving them more time.

The multitude of changes include new categories, scrapping the requirement for bidders to be certified by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), and the inclusion of a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS). This allows companies to join from the release date and throughout the life of the DPS which will be available from the 14th February 2020 to 11th February 2023. The update consists of tender worth up to £153million and companies of any size can request to bid, including those outsourcing products and services.

What’s new?

In January, the Government reportedly invested £1.9billion into a five-year cyber security plan, which included the update to the framework in order to provide better protection to UK public sector bodies and central government. Resellers seeking to improve their presence in the public sector can offer a holistic and competitive bid to this tender with Sigma’s vendors and services in these key areas of the Cyber Security Services:

  • Consultancy and Advice
  • IT Health Check
  • Cyber Incident Management

How can we help?

Sigma has a range of products and services perfectly suited to cyber security solutions requested by the CCS. Our in-house team of engineers are highly skilled in utilising, implementing and managing key cyber security solutions from top vendors. Their services can be white labelled to broaden and augment resellers’ offerings.

Flexera’s AdminStudio and Software Vulnerability Manager, along with our expert services team, can provide end users with cyber security consultancy, risk management and assessment and incident response.

ManageEngine provides a range of audit and reporting products for data security, Office 365 and SharePoint, supported and managed by our services team.

We also offer additional products such as Data Classification from Titus and Security Architecture and Network Configuration from SolarWinds. Sigma has just been recognised by SolarWinds at their global awards for “national government excellence”.

Worldwide, the cyber security market is set to grow to $133billion by 2022, with the UK industry currently worth £8.3billion. There couldn’t be a better time to profit from this increase in demand.

Want to know more about how we can help you bid in this £153m tender?

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