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Condusiv announces new product DymaxIO

3 August, 2020

Condusiv has announced DymaxIO fast data software.

All of their technologies in Diskeeper, V-locity and SSDkeeper have been rolled into one new product – DymaxIO. It dynamically accelerates data for maximum I/O performance.

It is the most cost-effective, easy and indispensable solution for increased throughput and accelerates I/O performance, so systems and applications run at peak speed. DymaxIO utilises AI to detect and deploy the appropriate performance enhancement technologies for the exact individual system so organisations can boost performance without overspending on hardware.

How is DymaxIO Licensed?

DymaxIO is sold as an annual subscription saving your customers money. Subscriptions are available for client, server and host systems. A new DymaxIO site license is also available to conveniently and cost-effectively optimise the performance of all Windows systems.

Benefits to Existing Customers

Perpetual licenses are your customers to keep forever. They will never expire.

Your customers under an active maintenance contract have the added benefit of receiving ongoing updates, major version release upgrades and technical support during business hours. They can also upgrade from Diskeeper, V-locity and SSDkeeper to new DymaxIO at no charge.

All future updates and releases will be consolidated into the new DymaxIO product line and will not be retroactively applied to V-locity, Diskeeper or SSDkeeper. This means that when future updates or upgrades come out, the upgrade path is DymaxIO.

Here’s more great news for your customers. DymaxIO is “subscription” software. The only exception to this rule is existing customers with active maintenance. While existing licenses will be upgraded to DymaxIO, they are still perpetual licenses and will remain so. They will keep getting updates, upgrades, and technical support while on a current contract. Any upgrades they get while under active maintenance are theirs to keep… forever.

For further information around DymaxIO and the new licensing, please get in touch with our Condusiv Specialist, Rod McVeigh.

rodm@sigmasd.com | +44 (0) 1364 655 203

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