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Case Study - Martin House

Implementing Flexera’s Software Vulnerability Manager

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  • The Need

    Martin House were looking for a solution that offered 3rd party patch management with comprehensive reporting.

    The Solution

    Flexera’s Software Vulnerability Manager fit the requirements Martin House needed to satisfy competencies.

    The Benefit

    A patch management solution that helps manage, prioritise and effectively deploy patches to vulnerable software in the environment.

    Our Role

    Sigma's Services Team worked with Martin House to find a standardised way of deploying patches to their environment. They were looking for a solution that would give them clear visibility and proof they were reacting to patches in a timely manner.

    Following the implementation of Flexera Software Vulnerability Manager (SVM), Martin House is able to effectively manage and protect their infrastructure from vulnerabilities. Being able to gather results from all vulnerabilities, including Non-Microsoft in their environment means Martin House can prioritise based on the effects they have on the network. Martin House can now also monitor deployment status through the ticketing functionality of the system as well as report on team stats.

    “Dan and David were very knowledgeable and helped me set up our new environment very professionally. Always a pleasure to work with. A big thanks!”
    - Johnny Fantauzzo, Martin House

  • Industry:
    Leeds, UK
    Software Vulnerability Manager

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