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Data is the foundation of our industry, but like us, it goes on a lifecycle journey from the moment it is created, to the day it needs to be erased. Luckily there are many stages in between and Sigma provides products for every stage of the lifecycle to help you make sales.

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Make a date with your data, gather information for future use

Every time we put our fingers on the keyboard, take a photo or browse the internet from our smartphone we are creating data.

Collecting data in the lifecycle is a bit like dating – first impressions, interests, features - we’re collecting all the information we can because we don’t know what’s useful yet.

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ABBYY products collect data from hardcopies and bring it online

ABBYY FineReader
ABBYY FineReader is an all-in-one PDF and OCR software application for increased productivity when working with PDFs and scanned paper documents. It supports business professionals from various departments in coping with a variety of daily document-related tasks. Whether they need to access the information in scans and PDFs in order to find relevant insights, exchange feedback with colleagues or quickly detect crucial text changes in two versions of the same document.

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ABBYY Recognition Server
ABBYY Recognition Server is a powerful server-based OCR software for automated document capture and PDF conversion. It automatically converts high volumes of paper documents or scanned image files into a variety of searchable electronic formats that can be digitally archived. This leads to higher efficiency through faster information retrieval.

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Now you have your data, get these tools to migrate, integrate, cleanse and govern to make something useful

Once the data is collected, it needs to be merged into the database so you can start using it. It’s the start of a beautiful new relationship.

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Quest offers a broad and deep selection of products that target common IT challenges.

Change Auditor
Event logging and change reporting for enterprise applications and services are cumbersome, time-consuming and, in some cases, impossible using native IT auditing tools. Fortunately there’s Change Auditor. This solution family audits, alerts and reports on all changes and deletions made to: Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, VMware, EMC, NetApp, SQL Server, Windows file servers and even LDAP queries against Active Directory.

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Migration Manager for Active Directory
Migration Manager for Active Directory, combined with Secure Copy, is the ZeroIMPACT solution to mitigate the risk of consolidating and restructuring your AD and file server infrastructures. Simplify your migration and ensure that users maintain secure access to workstations, resources and email throughout the entire project.

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Quest On Demand
Quest On Demand is a modular, SaaS-based management solution. It’s an extendable, integrated console which includes back up recovery for Azure AD and Office 365 users, attributes, groups and group membership. It also offers high level reporting of changes made since your last backup and policy management for Exchange Online and Skype for Business Online.

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Securely add new data sources, access your corporate data platforms and integrate your data - without relying on heavy-handed IT infrastructure tools and support. Easily connect to over 50 data sources, and integrate, clean and prepare your data for analysis. Quickly share queries and datasets in a collaborative environment with solutions that snap into and complement your existing IT and BI investments.

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Data is delicate and needs nurturing – while it’s in your care, you need to look after it

We’re really growing something special now, our beautiful data is forming. During this delicate stage, we need to look after it carefully, so focus on accessibility and secure storage of useful data.

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Becrypt provides a range of cyber security solutions to protect data at rest.

Disk Protect
Becrypt’s full disk encryption solution for securing organisations’ data, whether on desktops, laptops, tablets or servers.

Disk Protect ensures that all data is safely encrypted, with no change in performance for the end user. Designed to enable security conscious organisations to deploy their workforce with confidence, Disk Protect is compatible with a wide range of devices.

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Connect Protect
Becrypt’s port control solution that protects organisations against data leakage. By preventing unauthorised access or use of external devices and providing centrally managed audit trails for all connection events, Connect Protect enables full control.

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Secure, portable encryption for removable storage, mShare allows an organisation to encrypt data on external storage devices without compromising flexibility.

By converting any standard external storage device into a secure portable file store, mShare enables users to access data securely from any location whilst still protecting an organisation, should the device be lost or stolen.

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Now our data is formed into usable information – let’s find out what it has to offer!

Business Intelligence architecture creates and uses interactive reports and explorable data from multiple sources meaning your data baby is finally here, ready to take on the world!

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Intel Parallel Studio XE
With Intel Parallel Studio XE comprehensive suite of software development tools, it is easier than ever to write code in parallel. It offers high-performance Python packages powered by native Intel Performance Libraries and wide vectorisation and threading for easier coding. It optimises deep learning models and introduces new deep learning functionalities.

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BusinessObjects BI Edge
SAP BI Edge gives business intelligence insights to help seize business opportunities and grow profitability. It is a complete analytics package that combines market-leading data integration, data management and business intelligence products – for a more effective way to harness big data.

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If your data is developing into some amazing insights, don’t keep it to yourself

Your data is all grown up and ready to meet people. Understanding the data you have collected is just the first step. Effective communication is needed to communicate the importance of the collected data.

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TechSmith is the world’s leading provider of screen capture and recording software.

Snagit is a premium screen capture tool that allows a team to work faster, communicate more effectively, and share what can’t be put into words. Share what is on your screen through images and/or videos for clear communication and less confusion. Snagit is so much more than just a snipping tool. Customise and edit every screenshot with professional-quality mark up tools. Trim any part of your recordings or convert videos into an animated GIF.

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Create professional videos without having to be a video pro. Easily record your screen or import HD video from a camera or other sources. Camtasia helps to create videos that help train, teach and sell without any formal training. Stand out with stunning video effects including animations, motion effects, music, tracks, icons, lower thirds and more. Camtasia makes video editing simple and intuitive. Anyone can create informative and engaging videos. No video experience needed.

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Having useful data is a full time job. Keep on top of maintaining your database with these performance and optimisation tools

We’re connected, useful and giving long term value – but as our data gets bigger and older, we need to focus on maintenance. Keep your data healthy with performance monitoring and optimisation.

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Flexera Software is the leading provider of next-generation software licensing, compliance and installation solutions for application producers and enterprises.

AdminStudio provides enterprise IT teams the most advanced solution to efficiently prepare reliable application packages for deployment with a complete suite of automated MSI packaging, reporting, customisation, testing and management reporting capabilities.

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Software Vulnerability Manager
Software Vulnerability Manager empowers IT Security and IT Operations with intelligence to continuously track, identify and remediate vulnerable applications – before exploitation leads to costly breaches. It enables SecOps initiatives by providing verified intelligence by Secunia Research, timely vulnerability advisories, accurate assessment and security patches, all in a single platform.

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FlexNet Code Insight
FlexNet Code Insight empowers organisations to take control of and manage use of open source software (OSS) and third-party components. It helps development, legal and security teams use automation to create a formal OSS strategy and policy that balances business benefits and risk management.

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death image

Eventually the day comes when your data has lived it’s life. Give it a proper send off and make sure it’s permanently erased!

A sad but necessary day in any lifecycle – The end. We need to give our data a suitable send off with secure sanitisation.

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Blancco Technology Group is the leading provider of secure data erasure solutions and mobile device diagnostics.

Blancco Drive Eraser
Blancco Drive Eraser allows organisations to securely erase sensitive data from HDDs and complex SSDs in desktop/laptop computers and servers in order to safely resell, re purpose or dispose of drives.

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Blancco Data Erasure Management Console
Managing every IT asset and verifying secure data erasure to adhere to data retention policies and/or regulatory requirements is a challenge for every IT professional. With Blancco Management Console, you can now manage all data erasure licenses, create and modify users and have complete visibility of erasure activities. And, your organisation will benefit from a centralised point of data management control with 100% certified, tamper-proof audit reports to prove successful erasure and comply with legal auditing requirements.

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