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53% of 2,867 advisories contained vulnerabilities that have already been exploited.


More than 80% of vulnerabilities have patches available on the day of disclosure.

20 out of 13,319

Zero-day vulnerabilities – those exploited prior to public disclosure – remain rare.

The annual Vulnerability Review analyses the evolution of software security from a vulnerability perspective. The review presents global data on the prevalence of vulnerabilities, exploits, availability of patches and then maps the security threats to IT infrastructures.

In recent years, new exploitations of known software vulnerabilities have made global headlines. In 2017, we saw the WannaCry attacks and the Equifax breach. 2019 saw the Capital One and First American data breaches. Breaches and attacks have become so common that it’s no longer a question of if, but when, a vulnerability will be attacked.

This review provides data on vulnerabilities, enabling businesses to understand the vulnerability landscape and devise strategies to secure what matters to them.

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Software Vulnerability Manager

Flexera SVM helps businesses create effective software vulnerability and security patch management processes that reduce security risks by prioritising and opimising the process for managing software vulnerabilities.

With SVM businesses can assess, prioritise and fix software vulnerabilities before the risk increases, gain visibility of their software vulnerability management process and understand and prioritise the criticality of patches applicable to their environment.

Software Vulnerability Manager Graph
  • Vendor Patch Module

    Flexera SVM does a great job at exposing and prioritising remediation efforts for exploits, attacks and other vulnerabilities. With the Vendor Patch Module, businesses can take advantage of the insights Flexera SVM provides and deal with them quickly, using the most comprehensive patch coverage on the market – with more than 1000 out-of-the-box patches. Plus, it delivers details to help businesses more easily create over 1000 additional patches.

  • Threat Intelligence Module

    Flexera’s Threat Intelligence Module adds a valuable layer of insight for customers using Flexera’s SVM and SVR solutions. These insights include understanding of which vulnerabilities might affect businesses, prioritising the time they spend on specific vulnerabilities, and improve risk mitigation and resource utilisation.

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