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    Strong alone, but better together

    AdminStudio and Software Vulnerability Manager combined can deliver valuable operational advantages for organisations.

  • SVM and AdminStudio together provide the ultimate solution to leverage Flexera’s exhaustive coverage of application details, supporting more than 3,000 third-party software installers to help speed and automate the ability to get updates out quickly in the required format.

    These two solutions help identify and prioritise what needs to be patched, so users can stay focused on the updates that will have the biggest impact on lowering risk.

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Software Vulnerability Manager


  • Provides out-of-the-box updates to quickly deploy
  • Industry-leading security analysis to help prioritise vulnerabilities
  • Create custom deployment packages
  • Insights that help lower the risk of deployment failure

Automatically publish software update packages to endpoint management systems

With the combination of SVM and AdminStudio users can:

  • Identify vulnerable versions of software

    And prioritise them for patching

  • Easily obtain vendor setups

    For simple publishing as patches

  • Deliver high-quality deployments

    With the least amount of risk

  • Create deployment packages

    For vendors that don't provide what's needed for automated custom deployments

How Sigma can help:

  • Opportunities

    You don’t need expert knowledge of the products, let us know about any opportunities and we can work with you and the end user to find out if the product is the right fit and what licensing would be best.

  • Sales Enablement

    We offer sales enablement so your team can easily spot and expand opportunities and make more margin. Our Business Development Manager will showcase what to look out for and when to get Sigma involved.

  • Cloud Know How

    Our Services partner Cloud Know How offers demos for Flexera SVM and can support your customers with knowledge around implementing the solution.

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Discovery Questions

It doesn’t need much to expand your Flexera opportunities. Below you can find a few questions to ask your customers with possible answers around their Application Readiness and Patch Management to see if AdminStudio and SVM are the right solution for them.

Discovery questions for AdminStudio

1. Do you have an Application Readiness Process in place?

We use 'X'
Note: Most Application Readiness Solutions are not as comprehensive as AdminStudio.

2. What would happen if any (or all) of your applications stopped working?

It would be bad for business.

3. Would a comprehensive application packaging and deployment application help your business?

Yes it would
Note: AdminStudio is the right solution for them.

Discovery questions for SVM

1. How do you currently patch your software?

Patch Scanner

Manual process
Note: SVM can automate the patching process.

2. How demanding is that process? Does it take a long time? Do you patch all the software you need to, or do you just update the “most important” software?

We patch our “top Vendors” and that’s it.
Note: Only patching top vendors can lead to vulnerabilities that can be exploited. By automating the patching process with SVM, businesses are making sure they’re as secure as possible.

Follow-up points:

  • If you look at the top 20 vendor’s vulnerabilities, you will only address 20% of all exploits
  • 99% of all exploits happen on known vulnerabilities – the issue has been disclosed by the vendor - so you may know the vulnerability is there, but it has not been fixed
  • 86% of all vulnerabilities exploited had patches (a fix) out the same day they were published

If you feel like there is interest after asking these questions, set up a call with our Business Development Manager, Chris Beagle, to further explore the opportunity.

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Deliver valuable operational advantages to your customers with Flexera
Sigma Software Distribution has been a Flexera Distributor for 15 years and is the sole distributor in the UK since 2018. We have a wide knowledge of the Flexera portfolio and our Flexera Business Development Manager supports reseller with their Flexera requests.
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