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  • Created by Hejlsberg, the father of C#, Delphi is the modern Object Pascal. Known and loved for being easy to read, learn and use, Delphi is perfect for any developer wanting to create the highest quality code for the fastest running applications and UIs.

    Reasons why we think Delphi are RAD

    Windows Desktop Bridge is just so RAD
    Delphi RAD Studio ensures Windows developers using VCL are the first to get access to the new Windows 10 Store in the world.

    Excellent Backwards Compatibility
    No need to stress about developing older projects with Delphi’s backwards compatibility, making light work of updating projects across many previous Delphi versions and across OSs for applications.

    Speed of development and reliable code
    With a variety of Delphi features, faster development cycles don’t have to result in sacrificing quality. Don’t believe it? Build unit tests with DUnit and DUnitX frameworks, take advantage of the immediate in-line help and add live logging without interrupting your application flow.

    Can do everything in one tool
    With the RAD Studio, everything is accessible on one tool. Whether it’s designing, developing, debugging, deploying or collaborating with other designers on the team, Delphi allows you to track code changes and enforce code best practices to ensure a cohesive and high-quality result.

    FireMonkey for Cross-platform User Interfaces (UI)
    Design and edit flawless master UI layouts for multiple platforms and devices without having to duplicate. Delphi’s award winning VCL framework provides users with platform-specific native controls to develop intuitive user interfaces for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

    Windows Applications
    Use the Visual Component Library with simplified Windows API to develop the best applications for Microsoft Windows efficiently, without compromising on quality. Enhanced rapid prototyping capabilities allows developers to monitor progress and potential flaws before going live.

    The IoT Library is Growing
    Connect to gadgets and devices through the IoT ecosystem, allowing users to remarkably integrate existing applications to the physical world.

    1. Delphi 1, Borland and lots of wonderful development

      Delphi 1
    2. Bought by Embarcadero (SIGMA COMES IN)

    3. Delphi RAD Studio XE2 Released

      Delphi XE2
    4. Delphi RAD Studio gets better – includes mobile (iOS & Android), FireMonkey, C++ Builder... and lots more

    5. Delphi 10 Seattle released

      Delphi 10 Seattle
    6. Delphi 10.1 Berlin - both generating native code for the 32- and 64-bit Windows platforms, OSX, iOS and Android

    7. Delphi 10.2 Tokyo - adding 64-bit Linux support, limited to console and non-visual applications

      Delphi 10.2 Tokyo
    8. Delphi 10.3 Rio - new components for High DPI / 4K screens on the VCL and an entirely new look for the IDE

    9. 25th ANNIVERSARY!

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