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Meet SQL Server audit and compliance requirements for all instances across an enterprise.

  • ApexSQL Audit is an auditing and compliance tool that ensures full auditing of SQL Server instances by collecting almost 200 events and includes real-time alerting.

    Audit all SQL database and security activities

    • Meet compliance requirements e.g. HIPAA, GDPR, PC
    • Out-of-the-box and the custom reporting
    • Securely store audit data in a tamper-evident repository
    • Fully customise all auditing, alerts, and reporting
    • Who, what, where, when and before-after auditing
    • Deploy on SQL Server Failover Clusters
    • Easily manage auditing on multiple servers
  • Benefits for resellers:

    Add an extra string to your sales bow by learning how a database discussion can take you beyond the standard topics IT teams are called about day in day out.

    • Win new accounts and gain fresh interest with a different approach
    • Open a potentially unexplored chain of business around applications and databases
    • Protect the business you find with deal registration giving protected margin
  • Offer your customers ApexSQL Audit in the ApexSQL DBA bundle, which includes:

    • All nine ApexSQL DBA tools – Auditing, Defragmentation, Discovery, Job management, Log reading, Management, Plan analysis, Propagation, Recovery
    • 1-year product support
    • A combined 65%+ savings
    • 1-year free product upgrades
    • Product support for free tools
    • All new DBA tools added for free
  • Watch our webinar to find out more:

    ApexSQL Audit: Controlling access to sensitive data on SQL Server

    Companies that store sensitive and personally identifiable data about customers and suppliers have a responsibility to ensure that that data is stored securely and only accessed by the correct people.

    This on-demand webinar looks at best practices in proactively determining and implementing controls over access to sensitive data within a SQL Server estate.

Why ApexSQL Audit?

  • Fast and Easy

    Fast and easy installation and configuration

  • Supports all SQL Server versions

    New versions generally supported within 30 days

  • Granular filters

    Allow users to exclude and include options and set different filters for different servers and databases

  • Advanced Filter Options

    Unique to ApexSQL Audit, allows for high level auditing precision of specific events

  • Audit Changes

    Configure and setup auditing of values before and after a specific change

  • Open Reporting System

    No limitations or restrictions on output format or number of events

  • Out-of-the-box Reporting

    That can be customised through the available filtering options

  • Customised Reports

    To meet even the most demanding reporting requirements

  • Standard Reporting Application

    Allows the creation of auditing reports from any computer within the local area network or domain

  • Alert System

    For true real-time alerting

Helps with compliance for

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  • PCI DSS logo
  • SOX logo
  • FISMA/NIST logo
  • FDA logo
  • GLBA logo
  • BASEL II logo
  • FERPA logo
  • GDPR logo
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Meet all SQL Server audit and compliance requirements with ApexSQL Audit
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