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We make sure that you’re not losing out on business by keeping on top of your customers’ upcoming renewals.

The renewals team will make your life easier by...

Renewals Team

Reminding you about upcoming customer renewals in advance, giving you enough time to contact your customer and secure the business

Renewals Team

Helping you retain discounts by co-terming renewal dates and adding new licenses leading to bulk discount prices.

Renewals Team

Maximise end user estates by advising on new or better products for their needs.

Renewals Team

By arranging renewals in a bulk, we can get discounts that usually wouldn’t be available to you. We are working closely with the vendors to make the renewals process as easy and snag free as possible. Our close relationship with our vendors has recently seen us chosen to pilot a new renewals program.

Ultimately we want to help you look good for your customers by remembering their renewal date and contacting them in time. Additionally we help you get discounts for your customers, furthering your service for them.

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