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The marketing team find new and inventive ways to link our vendors' products to real world scenarios and topical news to position Sigma’s solutions in a relevant and engaging way.

As a team we enjoy working on multiplatform campaigns with our vendors to simplify the communication of complex technical products for the channel audience.

Work with the Marketing Team because we...

Marketing Team

Devise strategic and entertaining communications to promote the vendors' products and achieve an impressive return on investment.

Marketing Team

Create award winning campaigns with a twist!

Marketing Team

Streamline product communication through the channel, online and offline, giving resellers the information needed to make easy sales and retaining a good margin.

For Resellers

For Resellers

We go above and beyond to develop techniques to promote solutions to your end user customers, while giving you the channel sales information you need to quickly work out what’s in it for you.

Our focus for our reseller partners is to group together our products in relevant solutions stacks and vertical market bundles so you can clearly see how to sell multiple products and steadily increase your revenue through us.

For Vendors

We make a technical topic like software relatable to our customers working in a sales organisation, in turn enabling advocacy of your products to their end user customers. We always adapt and develop your messaging to make it directly relevant to a channel audience and keep you updated on engagement and interest.

Our primary focus is generating product awareness and net new business interest, followed by sales leads for our account management and business development teams to take further.

For Vendors

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