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Chart FX for .NET

[ Chart FX for .NET  ]

v6.2 Commercial - Perpetual Licence Additional Licence (1 Development Server, 1 Designer) (1) Licence - Electronic Windows

Merge Standard Edition

[ Merge Standard Edition  ]

Commercial - Perpetual Licence With Maintenance & Support (1-Year) (1) User - Electronic Windows/Mac OSX


[ JProfiler  ]

Commercial - Perpetual Licence With Maintenance & Support (1-Year) (1) Named User - Electronic Multiple Platforms

Development & Testing

Tools, components and development environments for creating and maintaining software applications

  • Components & Libraries
    Expert-built off-the-shelf components to add functionality to your application
  • Deployment
    Packaging, installation, and licensing software
  • Design
    Design tools to assist you in the design of software and data structures
  • IDEs
    Compilers and language specific development tools
  • Mobile & Embedded Development
    Compilers and Tools for the development of Mobile and Embedded applications
  • Reporting
    Chart, Graph and report Components
  • Requirements Management
    Software to assist with the process of defining project specifications, and creating pre-development feature lists
  • Revision Control
    Tools to help you manage the source code for your application as it changes during the development cycle
  • Testing & Debugging
    Software for testing and debugging programs
  • Tools & Utilities
    Tools to assist with Software Development
  • Visualisation
    Tools to help you visualise a problem, and design the solution to it
  • XML
    Tools and software for incorporating XML into your web site or application