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DameWare Remote Support

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DameWare Remote Support (DRS) helps manage servers, desktops and laptops remotely. DameWare Remote Support includes DameWare Mini Remote Control for desktop remote control, a mobile remote desktop tool for iPad and iPhone and support for remotely completing Windows administration tasks. Manage everything remotely including rebooting computers, viewing and clearing event logs, starting remote console sessions, starting/stopping Windows services and much more. You can also manage and update Active Directory objects such as organisational units (OUs), containers, users, groups and computers.

Product Variants

DameWare Remote Support, Licence

DameWare Remote Support, Renewal

DameWare Remote Support, Upgrade


Desktop Remote Control

DameWare Remote Support enables you to provide remote tech support by remotely controlling an end-user computer. With Remote Control, you can troubleshoot problems with your end-users as if you were standing over their shoulder. Includes support for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.

Mobile Remote Desktop

DameWare Mobile is mobile remote desktop software included in DameWare Remote Support. Download now to remotely access computers from your iPad or iPhone.

Remote Windows Administration

DameWare Remote Support allows you to manage your distributed Windows environment. You can do everything remotely including: reboot computers, view & clear event logs, start a remote console and start/stop Windows services.

DameWare Remote Support: Support for Intel vPro

DameWare Remote Support includes support for Intel vPro with AMT. Download now to remotely support sleeping and crashed computers with Intel vPro AMT.

Active Directory Management

DameWare Remote Support lets you manage and update Microsoft Active Directory. You can add, delete and update objects such as Organizational Units (OUs), Containers, Users, Groups and Computers. It also supports managing extended attributes such as photo, logo and employee ID.

Export Windows Configurations

DameWare Remote Support allows you to remotely export information from Windows computers. You can export information about disk drives, printers, services, network shares, software and much more. All information is available in common formats including XML and CSV.

Support Smart Card Authentication

Highly secure environments, like the United States Federal Government, often require Smart Card authentication. DameWare MRC enables you to remotely connect to a computer and login using Smart Cards. Now you can remotely support users while maintaining the highest level of security.

Remote Tech Support made simple

DameWare Remote Support provides all the capabilities you need to provide remote tech support to your end-users. You can remotely administer windows computers and remotely control the desktops of Windows, Linux and Mac OS X systems. Remote Tech Support has never been easier, you can fix problems and troubleshoot issues right form your desk.


DameWare Remote Support is licensed per user, not per computer, with no additional fees for client agents installed by the program. The number of licenses required must correspond with the actual number of people that use the software. For example, if there are 10 technicians that will be running the software and connecting to 10,000 remote machines, a 10-user license is required.

Each user license allows for three separate installations (for example: desktop, laptop, and home computer). A user installing in three separate locations will still be covered under the licence provided that they are the only person running the software on those additional machines.