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Quest Software International

As one of the most robust configuration tools in your Windows infrastructure, Group Policy plays a major role in establishing a secure and compliant networking environment for your users. With Group Policy regulating everything from critical business processes and security settings to individual workstations and printers, managing Group Policy Objects (GPOs) can become time-consuming and expensive.

Award-winning GPOADmin automates critical group policy management tasks to reduce costs and eliminate manual processes. GPOADmin extends the Microsoft Group Policy Management Console so you can quickly and effectively administer GPO changes and verify and compare GPO versions over time to confirm the consistency of different GPO settings.

Quickly verify setting consistency and improve GPO auditing with advanced, side-by-side GPO version comparisons at different intervals.

Apply approval-based workflow process to ensure that changes adhere to change management best practices before their deployment.

Configure workflow to enable organizational requirements and set for specified users or groups on edit settings, cloak and uncloak and lock and unlock.

Deploy changes immediately or automate on a schedule as they're approved.

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