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Few industries have a greater need for purpose-built, flexible software solutions. For the public sector - it's all about the user experience.

  • Minimise effort for filing
  • Speed up bureaucracy
  • Planning tools for next financial year
  • Contract and form management
  • Reports for stakeholders made simple

Get public sector-specific
capabilities built in, not bolted on.

Gartner's top ten tech trends in Government IT.

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1) Digital Workplace

Building a more social, mobile, accessible and information-driven work environment.

2) Multichannel Citizen Engagement

Delivering interactions that are connected, consistent, convenient, collaborative, customised, clear and transparent.

3) Open Any Data

For most government agencies, open data programs are an unfunded or underfunded cost centre. The "value" of open data must become tangible to government in terms of how its availability can quantifiably contribute to operational efficiency or effectiveness, let alone how it supports economic development, national productivity or commercial ventures.

4) Citizen e-ID

A long-standing yet elusive goal of many government planners to provide citizens with integrated and seamless access to all government services.

5) Edge Analytics

Edge Analytics are particularly relevant as government CIOs and agency program leaders design new mobile services that are augmented by situational context and real-time interactions. They operate continuously in the background, tracking user activity, processing sensor and environmental data, dynamically adjusting workflows to enhance the user experience, or managing activities during events as they unfold.

6) Scalable Interoperability

Government agencies are starting to increasingly rely on data exchange with external partners in order to optimize their service delivery networks and business functions, such as cross-boundary collaboration and service coordination, monitoring and outcome reporting.
Scalable interoperability offers government CIOs, enterprise architects and business process analysts an incremental, "just enough" approach to architecture and standards to deliver "soon enough" value.

7) Digital Government Platforms

In digital business, citizens should no longer have to navigate among various agencies and programs through vertical, first generation e-government Web portals in order to locate the services they seek. A digital government platform incorporates service-oriented architecture (SOA) design patterns for the provision and use of enterprise services across multiple domains, systems and processes.

8) Internet of Things

Government agencies can expect IoT-driven changes in several different areas, including environmental or public infrastructure monitoring, emergency response, supply chain inspection, asset and fleet management, and traffic safety.

9) Web-Scale IT

Organisations adopting a Web-scale IT philosophy will largely favour of lower-cost, open-source-derived hardware that bypasses the traditional infrastructure "middlemen." Consequently, traditional IT suppliers and delivery modes will become less relevant to government IT.

10) Hybrid Cloud (and IT)

Hybrid IT offers government CIOs a new operating model that supports their IT departments' ability to combine and manage on-premises infrastructure or internal private cloud with external cloud-based environments (community, public or hybrid) simultaneously.

Public Sector Solutions from our Vendors


High volumes of paper documents come through public sector organisations including contracts, surveys, tax declarations and voting slips. ABBYY solutions help government organisations achieve the highest levels of security, reliability, scalability and efficiency by automating document driven business processes and eliminating manual labour.

ABBYY FineReader 14 is an all in one PDF and OCR software application for increasing productivity within a business when working with documents. It provides powerful, yet easy to use tools to access and modify information locked in paper-based documents and PDFs.

For document conversion on a much larger scale, Recognition Server is designed to capture and convert mid to high volume batch processing.


Becrypt is a major supplier to the UK Government including the MoD and wider Public Sector.

Their range of data security and Information Assurance products cover a wide range of needs across the hugely varied working environments in the Public Sector.

Their solutions cover everything from full disk encryption for PCs, laptops and PDAs; file encryption for 'data on the move' devices such as USBs, SD Cards, CDs and DVDs; end point security to protect your devices from the introduction of malware to your system and the unwanted leakage of data onto removable media; and thin client devices to support secure remote working.

To top it all off, the entire estate can be centrally managed by the Enterprise Management Suite, giving fast, effective monitoring, management and auditing capabilities.

Protect your Public Sector customers' entire estate with these tools:

When reputations can be destroyed by a single lost USB drive, make sure it's not your customers in the headlines for the wrong reasons - recommend Becrypt!


Government security agencies have developed data sanitisation standards to ensure information is protected not only during use but when in transit and at rest. Simply wiping a device and disposing of it will not suffice when it comes to keeping data safe in the UK public sector.

Blancco’s Data Erasure solutions guarantee absolute data sanitisation of all IT assets, including servers, desktop/laptop computers, smartphones, tablets, SSDs and virtual drives. Blancco’s data erasure solutions represent a last line of defence in the event of a leak or misuse of confidential, electronic information and proves compliancy with audit ready reporting.

Case Study - The Municipality of Hague PDF 1.2MB


The number one attack pathway used by hackers is through a business’ remote access service, which unfortunately many government IT groups are using insecurely. With hackers and cyber criminals ramping up their efforts to steal government data and shut down essential networks, having a sufficient remote support solution in place is critical for public sector organisations.

Bomgar’s Remote Support allows business’ to remotely access and fix nearly any system or device, anywhere while keeping sensitive data and system access behind their own secure firewall.

Case Study - Wilkes County PDF 155KB


Faced with increasingly wide-ranging IT commands and shrinking budgets, government organisations struggle to meet orders to develop new applications, advance cybersecurity and consolidate data centres.

Delphix delivers data for application development, testing and analytics more efficiently than legacy systems, helping government organisations execute critical projects on time and on budget.

Case Study - NASA PDF 155KB


Government IT departments face the dual pressures of severe budget restrictions and a growing list of strategic objectives - from gaining efficiencies and savings through software virtualisation and migrating to Windows 10 to implementing software licensing management best practices that ensure software compliance and optimised spend - all geared towards increasing department or agency innovation, efficiency and productivity. The clever departments turn to Flexera for help!


Check out how Flexera's App Portal helped Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade & Development, improve governance over their software asset management processes and improved service delivery to their users.

Case Study - Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development PDF 142KB

Find out more about how the City of Oklahoma's Government Saved time and reduced costs to prepare applications for migration with a 95% reduction in man hours per application and $97,000 savings for their entire Windows 7 Migration thanks to AdminStudio.

Case Study - City of Oklahoma's Government PDF 220KB


Read more about how Flexera helped Providence Healthcare deliver a professional and reliable install experience for employees that met all requirements, was on time, and within budget.

Case Study - Providence Healthcare PDF 218 KB

Check out why the University Medical Center Groningen used Flexera AdminStudio Suite and Flexera Workflow Manager to address the more extensive application readiness needs that Windows 7 and desktop virtualisation presented.

Case Study - University Medical Center Groningen PDF 241KB


See how Flexera's AdminStudio packaged George Mason University's applications to give them 'the smoothest rollout they've ever seen and absolutely saved them money.

Case Study - George Mason University PDF 138KB


Getting the right data, at the right time with the right context is vital for public sector groups. Delivering data is just one component of a mission-critical data management platform. Understanding where that data has come from, how it has been used or manipulated are essential steps when meeting compulsory compliance standards.

  • Better regulatory compliance and security controls
  • Optimised database performance and availability
  • Support for multi-device application development and data delivery
  • Improved productivity and resource utilisation


Layers of scripting and unreliable, incommunicative systems can be built up from years and years of multiple systems that have been bundled together.

Protecting government networks at all levels, GlobalSCAPE’s Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) can configure, deploy and manage data and information, exchange policies from a central location while tracking, auditing and guaranteeing their delivery. EFT for Government can add an additional layer of security by scanning files for viruses or proprietary information.

Case Study - Law Enforcement Agency PDF 155KB

Case Study - Government Agency PDF 143KB


Organisation, productivity and a clear insight are key to keeping a public sector organisation office running smoothly.

Mindjet’s MindManager is the essential project management tool which lets teams capture, organise and communicate complex topics in a visual format.


Quest is dedicated to simplifying IT by reducing cost and complexity, helping to make innovation a daily practice instead of a long-term goal. Government and regional procurement frameworks are supported via a number of approved agreements.

Fire & Rescue

Read how the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service successfully unites country's fire and rescue teams with Quest's Cloud Dedicated Service for their new finance system and Quest Cloud on Demand for its intranet and website services-installed in just six weeks.

Case Study - Scottish Fire & Rescue Service PDF 1.6MB

Public Sector

Check out how Quest's Data centre consolidation across the public sector can massively simplify IT Management.

Case Study - Data center consolidation in the public sector PDF 94KB


Find out more about how Quest provides a modular approach that starts with small-scope projects can help mid-sized healthcare enterprises expand their analytics competency while adding immediate value to their organisations.

Case Study - Healthcare Analytics Adoption: Start Small and Start Now PDF 2MB


See how the Public Transport providers in Barcelona used Quest's ActiveRoles Server to automate routine tasks and enables granular delegation of administrative rights, saving hours each day.

Case Study - TMB improves AD management and security PDF 119KB


SAP for Public Sector solutions help organisations simplify every aspect of the organisation, deliver breakthrough innovations, and accelerate performance to capitalize on untapped opportunities and improve performance and citizens’ lives.

What do SAP solutions help customers do?

Read their Public Sector Value Map here.

Sustainable government funding
Simplify government to deliver innovations, accelerate prosperity, and safeguard taxpayers' money.

Meeting citizen needs
Deliver responsive, personalised, self-service capabilities when and where constituents need it.

Public security
Sense, predict, and act in real time to promote resilience and prevent and respond more quickly to risks.

Check out SAP's Public Sector Roadmap to find out the latest on their solutions for your customers.


SmartBear create the software tools that development, testing, and operations teams use to deliver the highest quality and best performing software possible, shipped at seemingly impossible speeds.

With products for code review, API and UI level testing, and monitoring across mobile, web and desktop applications, SmartBear can equip every member of a team with tools to ensure quality at every stage of the software cycle.

Case Study - API Testing - Government Agency

Case Study - Test Complete - Federal Agency


SolarWinds provides powerful and affordable IT management and monitoring software to customers worldwide from Fortune 500 enterprise to governments around the world, including nearly every U.S. civilian agency, DoD branch and intelligence agency.

Solarwinds have done some great work with Public Sector Clients both in the UK and across the pond.


Read about how they help the US Marine Corps and the US Air Force get the right message to the right people at the right time.

Case Study - SolarWinds – U.S. Air Force (USAF) Brief PDF 171KB
Case Study - Real-Time Network Monitoring Tools Help Marine Expeditionary Force Manage In-Theater Assets PDF 439KB


Learn how Solarwinds helped troubleshoot network issues for the NHS and created an ultra-efficient infrastructure for the IT at the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

Case Study - SolarWinds Supports High Levels of Patient Care in Lincolnshire PDF 179KB


Check out these Solarwinds White Papers on the importance of Govt. Asset Discovery and the benefits of comprehensive IP management.

Case Study - Best Practices for IT Asset Discovery PDF 207KB
Case Study - Real-Time Network Monitoring Tools Help Marine Expeditionary Force Manage In-Theater Assets PDF 172KB

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